Carers Bromley Week 7 Report

Carers Bromley Choir debut performance

On Tuesday 29th October, Carers Choir delivered their first performance at the BME Active Citizens Awards. Performing to an audience of around 50, the choir sang three songs and were so well received that the audience joined in!

Andrew Stickells, Communications and Information Projects Officer for Community Links Bromley, who organised the event, gave these comments…….

“I just wanted to say how fantastic the Carers Choir were, they brought a smile to so many people at our BME Active Citizens Awards, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have had them there. It is astounding that they have been together such as short amount of time and have achieved so much, and what lovely people they all are! Please extend my thanks on behalf of CLB to the whole group and the women from Just Voices!

5 Minute Interview

carers bromley wk7 veronica

Veronica Moloney, ‘New’ Carers Choir Member

Who do you care for?
Mainly my husband, but also my 100 year old mother who is in a nursing home.

How much of your time is dedicated to caring?
3-4 hours a day.

What’s your background?
I am a retired Health Visitor and also a trained nurse and midwife. I worked in Uganda for 2 years and various other hospitals. I have two sons and four grand children.

How did you hear about the Carers Bromley project?
At our support group meetings.

Why did you decide to join?
I’ve wanted to join an informal singing group for some time. I was unable to attend the first few sessions of the choir as I had to help train a new carer.

As a newcomer, how have you found the singing sessions so far?
Very enjoyable and fun; just what I needed!

What are you personally getting out of the singing sessions?
The chance to really switch off from caring but still be with people in similar situations. I find it relaxing and fun to use my voice.

What song would you most like to hear the choir sing?
Pass! I love it all! I used to sing around camp fires as a scout leader and I’ve also sung with a large hospital choir – the best experience was singing ’Messiah’ at the Royal Albert Hall.

What word would you use to sum up your experience of Carers Bromley Choir so far?