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Open Evening & AGM

Wednesday 17 July, 8pm
Christ Church Beckenham Halls, Fairfield Road, BR3 3LE

Whether you represent a local musical group, community organisation or business, or are simply interested in the work of Community Music In Action on a personal level, we invite you to join us for an informal evening of music, film and networking as we seek to strengthen our links with our local community. You’ll find out more about our work and how you can get involved.

The evening will incorporate the charity’s AGM, an opportunity for us to share a full report on our activity over the past twelve months, and for you to become a member of the charity if interested. CMIA relies on its members to make decisions regarding governance of the organisation and to elect trustees who themselves meet on a regular basis to discuss, plan and evaluate the activity of charity.

The evening will also feature a performance by the charity’s founders and long-standing supporters, FUNdamentally GOSPEL. Perhaps you too could hold a concert or other fundraising even. Whether a festival, gala concert, summer prom or busking session, we would love to link up with leaders and members of local musical groups who would like to donate the proceeds from a forthcoming event to CMIA.

CMIA values the support in kind of local people, businesses and organisations. At the moment we’re looking for a professional photographer/videographer to document our project work but of course, remain open to all those interested in supporting our work.

Not only do we welcome applications from groups who would like to partner on future projects, but we also welcome advice and support from local organisations who empathise with the charity’s aims and objectives. We’d also like to hear from experienced music workshop leaders and animateurs who are interested in working with the charity.

The open evening is a great opportunity for us to link up and we hope you will be able to join us. For more information please email

New trustees

The Annual General Meeting in December was an opportunity to report the activities and finances of the Charity to our Members and for them to make decisions about Community Music In Action‘s governance.

A big thank you goes to retiring trustees Gareth Denton, Becca Ford and Graham McLeod. Individually they each made a much-valued contribution to the work of CMIA over the past 18 months, and as part of the team of trustees they helped us get CMIA off the ground. THANK YOU!

We were also very pleased to welcome Phillippa Gillespie, Jo Morgan, Sarah Richardson and Diane Thurlow to the committee.

The current trustees of CMIA are therefore:
Chairperson: Fiona Bolton
Secretary: Diane Aslett
Treasurer: Edward Gray
Fundraising Officers: Sarah Bolter and Diane Thurlow
Projects Officers: Phillippa Gillespie and Becky Lees
Communications Officers: Jo Morgan and Gill Standeven
Outreach Officers: Josie Ralph and Sarah Richardson

The new title of ‘Outreach Officer’ given to Josie Ralph and Sarah Richardson is a nod towards one of our main aims for 2013: increasing the involvement of other local music groups in our work. This could be by holding a fundraising concert or another money-spinning event, by making a donation or offering support in kind, by helping establish links with project partners and target groups, or by becoming involved in membership and governance of the charity.

This is in line with our long-term vision to unite numerous local musical groups and businesses with a common purpose, that of providing musical activities to those who, for social or economic reasons, may not otherwise have the opportunity to access such activities.

If you’re part of a local music group or ensemble and are interested in getting involved in some way please speak to Josie or Sarah R or drop them an email as we would love to hear from you.