Since its launch in 2011, Community Music In Action has run numerous projects working with both children and adults in a range of settings including schools and community centres. All projects are led by experienced musicians and  professional workshop leaders. They have been funded by the charity and offered to the groups at no cost.

A project can run either as a series of weekly sessions, in an intense block or as a one-off workshop; it might also culminate in a performance or recording. Activities can be in any musical style. Indeed, when setting up the project, the charity always listens to the target group’s specific needs and aims, and plans projects collaboratively to find the best activities, practitioners and solutions.

​​“Thank you CMIA for such a great project.
The students had a wonderful time and gained so much out of it.”

Claire Tillotson
Music Therapist, Drumbeat ASD School

Benefits and outcomes of music projects can include:

  • enjoyment and a sense of achievement;
  • learning new musical skills and discovering new talents;
  • developing transferable skills e.g. communication, teamwork, creativity and discipline;
  • experiencing new styles of music and different cultures;
  • enrichment and broadening the mind;
  • improving general well-being and confidence;
  • collaboration and community cohesion; bringing people together.

Community Music In Action is keen to work with a variety of groups representing a wide range of ages, backgrounds and specialist needs. The charity would love to hear from organisations and groups who feel they would benefit from the work it does and who would like Community Music In Action to run a music project for them. Get in touch if that’s you!

Community Music In Action also welcomes applications from experienced music workshop leaders and animateurs who are interested in working with the charity.

For more information regarding specific projects, check out the relevant blog posts.